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Peter Iredale Shipwreck
Then & Now



In 2017 I took a photo of the remains of the Peter Iredale shipwreck on the Oregon coast. I was then able to find a photo of the ship that was taken shortly after it ran aground in 1906, so I combined the photos into one image that spans 111 years.  Copies of this timeless piece of art are available below in various mediums. 

Sailing from Salina Cruz, Mexico, on or about September 26, 1906, the Peter Iredale was bound for Portland, Oregon with 1,000 tons of ballast and a crew of 27, including two stowaways. On the night of October 25, Captain H. Lawrence sighted the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse at 3:20 a.m.. The crew altered course first east-northeast and then northeast to enter the mouth of the Columbia River in thick mist and a rising tide. Under strong winds out of the west, an attempt was made to wear the ship away from shore, but a heavy northwest squall grounded Peter Iredale on Clatsop Sands (now called Clatsop Spit). The ship was built in Maryport in June 1890, by R. Ritson & Co Ltd for Peter Iredale & Porter. She displaced 2,075 tons and measured 87 meters (285 ft) in length and was fashioned from steel plates on an iron frame. She had royal sails above double top and topgallant sails. Hopes to tow her back out to sea were never realized and some of the iron ribs remain on the beach to this day.

All of my art comes with 100% money back guarantee.

To place an order simply choose a size, and medium below. Then just click ORDER and fill out the form with your choice. I will send your email a link where you can make payment through PayPal. All prices include tax and shipping is free. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Prices are for Contiguous USA only. Please inquire for shipping rates to Alaska & Hawaii.

After you know what option you would like, click the ORDER button at the bottom and fill out the form with your choice.


Lustre Photo Print (ready to frame)
12x18  $45
20x30  $70
24x36  $120



Solid Face Wrapped Canvas
12x18  $95
20x30  $150
32x48  $200



Float Framed Canvas (Black, Silver, Gold White, or Brown Frame)

12x18  $120

20x30  $190

24x36  $220

32x48  $380



Glossy Metal (printed hi-def on aluminum ready to hang)
12x18  $135
20x30  $195
36  $295


Special order sizes are available of all mediums - please inquire for pricing.

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